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Jobs for 15 year olds

The reality of life usually hits us when we enter the mature phase and realise that we have to pay our dues. Cynics might disagree with me but when I say life does keep coming back to having a strong financial standing in the world. It is a difficult thing to achieve but if I can tell you anything from my own experiences and observations, it is that the ones who start early most definitely beat the ones who try to rise when the competition gets to them.

Such is the changing mind set of the society nowadays which is encouraging the young workers to take up jobs in the organised sector at an early age, which is much before they have finished their education. The student life is becoming intertwined with professional careers fast. There is a need for these young workers in the industry and they need the industry to prepare them from an early age to get that edge over the competition. The jobs for 15 year olds are created to serve this dual purpose. At this age, the youngsters can also choose to work in the unorganised sectors, in the areas that are closer to their home.